1. Dante Fried Chicken.  Sonos Studio, 2014


  2. Blood Moon from Stephen Paul on Vimeo.

    Blood Moon, 2014

    The War On Drugs- An Ocean In Between the Waves


  3. With bloodshot eyes and

    wet cheeks

    driving north

    on highway 2

    I’m not sure why


  4. Dancing clouds.  Joshua Tree, 2014


  5. You lay your head on my chest

    As my eyelids close

    Time stops without light

    It’s the only time

    Beauty is dark

    The fan spins clockwise

    My eyelids open

    You lie on your side


  6. estebanpaulphotography:

    Miranda Lee Richards, The Record Parlour. 2014


  7. estebanpaulphotography:

    The Well Pennies, The Record Parlour, 2014


  8. Kira, 2014


  9. 826LA young author award winner, 2014


  10. EightyTwo, 2014


  11. Mister Goodnite, 2014


  12. Blue, 2014


  13. Orion’s Past, 2014


  14. Kodaline, 2014


  15. Old Poetry Man

    I’m sitting under still green vine and pink flowers letting time go by when a deep raspy voice comes from above me.  The old man with his distinct sound has a distinct face featuring a long white beard that hangs down to the top of his cane.  He has thick glasses that sit on top of his whiskey nose all below a top hat.  “Poetry?”  Four choices at four, five, or six dollars.

    Life goes on and on and on.  Five dollars.  “This is my lucky spot, you know that?  You’re my first of the day.  You know, I knew that you would like some poetry.  It’s funny how you can feel the energy you know?”  I’m reminded of how little I know in my youth.

    Nineteen poems.  Nineteen on Life & Love.  New and old, found and lost.  I read them all as the breeze blows below a bright blue sky.  When I finish, the faceless man with his soft voice & poetry is nowhere to be seen.  I continue to sit as time passes, the flowers and vine moving in the wind above me.